Historically, the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem has had at its core the mission of humanitarian work and service, as well as the defense of the Christian faith.  The crusaders who founded the Order were actively involved in the campaign to protect Christians and preserve the Christian faith in the Holy Land.  Since the 1st century, Christians have strived to worship peacefully in many regions of the Middle East, but have remained under constant threat.  Today, more than any other period in history, Christians in many parts of the world—including Africa and Asia—face an unprecedented level of persecution. 

In keeping with the Order’s chivalric and military history and our goal to foster Christian unity, the Grand Priory of U.S.A. has developed an initiative to assist Christians who are currently undergoing persecution.  Our primary goal is to bring much-needed medical equipment and supplies, as well as other basic resources to the Middle East.  Donations will also be used to support organizations that are engaged in aid work and maintain a local presence in conflict areas.  

Please consider making a charitable donation to our Defense of Christians Fund.  No donation is too small and your donation will go a long way to further the mission of the Order.  Thank you for your generous support!