In accordance with the Constitutional Charter of the Order of Saint Lazarus, to become a member, you must be at least 25 years old. It is possible to be received, following the same criteria as for members, from the age of 18 as an Esquire or Demoiselle.

The Order of Saint Lazarus allows young men and young women to discover chivalric commitment in the 21st century. Being an Esquire or Demoiselle is to work within a team to excel in a spirit of service, to participate in humanitarian missions and give meaning to live a committed Christian life in society.

The Esquires and Demoiselles have seven goals, which are :

  • To perform physical education : integral to personal fitness.
  • To espouse the spirit of defence : to protect and rescue.
  • The development of endurance : personal orientation.
  • To serve : through humanitarian action.
  • To communicate : with others.
  • To know : their history, their culture and their religion.
  • Contemplation : to rely on God because he is counting on us.

The Esquires Division

The oath of Esquires and Demoiselles of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is simple but precise: “I solemnly promise before Almighty God to serve faithfully and loyally the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem as an Esquire (or Demoiselle), to serve the poor, in obedience to the instructions of its leader, in accordance with the Constitutional Charter and for the greater glory of God.”

The Esquires and Demoiselles have a prayer of their own:

“Lord Jesus, in your goodness, we are called to love and serve you with the Knights of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, we thank you for this call that we have received. Grant that we may be united in your love. May Mary, Saint Lazarus, your friend and our patron saint, all the Saints of our Order help us in our commitment. Make us to be without fear and without reproach, ready to serve our brothers and especially the poor everywhere and always. Amen.”

How to join? Contact the Jurisdiction in which you live, or closest to your country of residence, to be introduced to the Esquires and to embark on the adventure of generosity. You can send your request on our contact page.